Useful Settings

There are several useful settings that allow you to adapt the battle interface and Minimap in World of Warships to suit your playstyle. For example, you can adjust the audio or choose additional information to be displayed on the screen or in the Minimap.

Battle Interface Settings


When you zoom your view when using your binoculars, you will not only see your target enlarged, but also gain the assistance of the crosshair—the series of vertical and horizontal lines that enable you assess the location of your target and the distance to it. The crosshair is one of the most important on-screen indicators that you interact with in battle—the silent hero behind all well-calculated devastating strikes.

Most Captains are comfortable just using the default crosshair—it’s simple yet effective. Nevertheless, under the CONTROLS tab of the Game Settings, you can select another crosshair if you so wish.

There are 15 different types of sights in the settings, including dynamic, the scale of which adjusts depending on your level of zoom. Try all six background templates to contrast the crosshairs against the different color palettes that you can encounter in battle.

Alternative Interface Mode

You can activate the mode via the CONTROLS tab of the Game Settings.

Activating the Alternative Interface Mode will provide you with more information on other ships in battle (both allies and enemies) when they enter your line of sight. It will also display an array of additional information around your firing reticle:

  • The distance between you and the currently targeted point
  • The time it will take for your shells to reach the targeted point
  • The detection range of your ship

Before activating the mode

By default, the only information you get on other ships is their class, distance to them, and health (represented by a thin bar).

After activating the mode

With the Alternative Interface Mode active, you also see the player’s name, the name of their ship, and the ship’s number of hit points.

There are two versions of the alternative mode: Full and Adaptive.

The Adaptive version provides more detailed information in only three cases:

  • When capturing a base
  • When in close proximity to a ship
  • For a group of ships that fall into the viewing range of your binoculars, depending on the level of zoom

In the Full version of the alternative mode, you can see information on all the ships in your line of sight, regardless of their distance.

Loading Indicators

It’s inevitable that you will get into intense gunfights with enemy ships, and between frantically shooting, launching torpedoes, and evasive maneuvers, you can easily lose track of how many guns or tubes are ready to fire at a given time. By default, your aiming reticle displays the loading progress of your main guns, with torpedo and gun reload times displayed over their respective icons at the bottom of the screen.

However, this default setting does not always give you all the information about your weapon mounts. For example, if only one of your turrets fires a shell, you can’t then see the loading progress of that individual turret until all the others have discharged. The same applies to torpedo tubes.

In order to track the readiness of all your weapon mounts, under the CONTROLS tab of the Game Settings, select Show both main battery & TTs load indicators. This will display a bar just above your consumables interface that shows the loading progress of every individual weapon mount.

Team Lineups

When the battle is raging and the wrecks of ships start piling up on the seafloor, it’s useful to know which ships are still in the fight. This will help you calculate the odds of victory, as well as prioritize targets. For this, by default, there’s a list of ships at the very top of your screen. The ships are represented by their class symbols.

To display additional information about the lineups, under the CONTROLS tab of the Game Settings, select Display team lineups. Doing this will display two columns on either side of your screen in battle, each representing a different team. Instead of just displaying the ships’ classes, you can see each ship’s silhouette, the name of the player controlling the ship, and the number of enemies they have destroyed.

Additional Damage Counters

It’s always exciting to watch your damage counter tick up when your aim is on point during a particularly successful battle. However, the damage counter is not the sole means of determining whether your winning streak is pure fire.

Under the CONTROLS tab of the Game Settings, select Counter for potential damage and Counter for damage upon your spotting to monitor the following indicators during battle:

  • The amount of damage that you could have taken from projectiles that were fired your way, and either hit your ship or landed within a 700-meter radius around your ship
  • The amount of damage that your allies have inflicted to any enemy ships you spotted


The Minimap, along with the crosshair, is one of the most important parts of the interface that you have at your disposal in battle, and just like the crosshair, it is important that you adjust your Minimap to best suit your playstyle.

The first and most obvious setting is the size. You can make the Minimap smaller or larger simply by pressing the + and – keys while you are in battle.

For further changes, navigate to the Minimap menu. To open the Minimap menu:

  1. Hold the Ctrl key while in battle to bring up your cursor.
  2. In the upper-right corner of the Minimap, click the icon with two cogs .

The following options are available in the menu that appears:

  • Checkboxes to display or hide several “range rings” located around your ship, including the detectability range by air/sea, AA firing range, or Hydroacoustic Search/Surveillance Radar action ranges, if applicable. Choose your rings wisely, as having them all simultaneously active can lead to some confusion.
  • Transparency sliders governing the previously mentioned rings and the water as shown in the Minimap.
  • Range numerical values. If this option is selected, the distance (in kilometers) from your ship to the edge of all activated “range rings” is displayed on the screen.
  • Ship names. If this option is selected, the names of both enemy and ally ships are displayed directly below their icons in the Minimap.
  • Rotate Minimap enables automatic Minimap rotation, which responds to the direction in which the player is looking.

Game Settings

Voiceover Modification

The Voiceover language and Voiceover modification drop-down menus on the AUDIO tab of the game settings allow you to change the following parameters:

  • Voiceover language
  • Voiceover type

If you select National in the Voiceover modification drop-down menu, the Commander will speak the same language as the nation of the ship.

Music Modes

Just as you can change the sound of the voices that you can hear in the game, you can also modify the music to suit your listening preferences. In this case, there are two main options available to you: the classic World of Warships soundtrack we all know and love, or the adrenaline-pumping War Drums music, guaranteed to boost any man’s morale before a close quarters standoff with a battleship!

If you don’t have the heart to choose just one, navigate to the AUDIO tab under the Game Settings, and from the Music mode drop-down menu select the Mixed or Dynamic modes which combine both soundtracks.